Financing Options

Replacing your home cooling system can be a major decision; one you don't want to make based strictly on cost. That's why we offer convenient financing options: 

  • Easy Financing available
    One Application | Many Lenders | Instant Decision
    All Budgets and Credit Levels Invited
    No Risk Or Obligation 
  • Interest Rates From 3.99% 
  • Loan Amounts Up To $10,000 
  • Funds In As Little As One Day 
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty    
  •  Check Your Rate Without Affecting Your Credit Score!

  • Call us now for details

  • MasterCard / Visa accept
  • The City of Tallahassee offers 5-percent interest financing for energy efficient air conditioners. Loan payments are made on monthly utility bills. Financing terms are up to 5 years.  Notes are secured with a property lien. Homeowners: Call Customer Operations at 850-891-4968 to start. We can schedule an energy audit if needed, prescreen for loan eligibility and begin your loan file.

 This information is accurate as of 09/03/2019 and is subject to change. For current information, call us at 1-850-339-2352